Treatment Price Time
Be Stunning Mini Manicure £15 30 Mins
This quality treatment will keep your hands in immaculate condition. Nails will be finished with perfect shape and enamel. Cuticles will be nourished and conditioned to enable healthy nail growth.
Be Stunning Must Have Manicure and Varnish £22 45 Mins
As the Mini Manicure but this revitalising treatment includes exfoliation and massage of the hands and the arms. Cuticles are treated and moisturised. Nails will be beautifully shaped and finished with coloured gel polish of your choice.
Be Stunning Luxury Manicure and Varnish/Gel Polish £26/£37 60/90 Mins
This treatment is as described in must manicure plus your choice of thermal mitts with paraffin wax or hand mask. Oils and creams penetrate deep into skin for extra moisturizing and hydrating properties. Warm paraffin wrap will make the skin on your hands softer and looking youthful. This treatment is especially beneficial for those who struggle with arthritis.
Paraffin Wrap £10 10 Mins
Be Stunning Must Have Manicure with Gel Polish £33 75 Mins
Manicure with Gel Polish Soak Off & Reapplication £40 80 Mins
Nailtiques Manicure £25 60 Mins
This treatment is ideal for damaged nails or as post gel/acrylic manicure. Keeps nails and hands in optimum health.

Nailtique Nails

Gel Polish Fingers £20 40 Mins
Gel Soak Off £12 20 Mins
Gel Polish Soak Off & Reapplication £26 45 Mins