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DryCut    £10.00

Cut & Blow wave   £22.00

Cut & Set                £16.00

Shampoo & Set       £9.50

Blow wave              £11.00


Dulica top perm including cut&blow      £37-00

Dulica full head, including cut,  set or blow wave                     £40-00                                                                                          K-PAKACID Perms  (special conditioning perms specially for chemically treated hair)           from   £40.00 to £45.00


Roots only including cut, set or blow wave               £36-00

Full Head Colour including, cut, set or blow wave     £40-00

Roots, streaks or highlights including cut, set or blow wave  £43-00


Working Ladies  


Dry Cut including a  small blow wave or straightening              from        £11-00

Cut & Blow wave   from        £25.00

Restyle Cut & Blow wave       from        £28.00

Blow wave                              £12.00

Hair Pin ups for  all occasions            from        £15.00


Dulica top perm including cut & blow wave                           £36-00

Dulica full head perm including cut & blow wave  £40-00

K-PAKAcid perms including cut & blow wave (specially for over chemically treated hair and 20% bleached)




Semi-Permanent colours including cut & blow wave              £30-00

Colour Touch including cut & blow  wave        £30-00

Roots only including cut & blow wave   £38-50

Full head Colour including cut & blow wave                    £42-00

Roots, Streaks or Highlights including cut & blow wave                       £48-00

Full head Highlights with two colours using spatular including cut & blow wave £50-00

Full Head Foil Streaks this can include two colours and cut & blow wave                             from        £50-00

Balayage or ombre technique with bleach or colours        from        £50-00



Dry cut   from     £5-00 to £8-00

Cut & Blow Wave                   £13.00

Shampoo & Cut Only                             £10.00


Dry Cuts 3 to5 years               £7.00

5 to 10 years             £9.00

10 to 14 years           £12.00

14 to 16 years           £13.00

Wash Cut & blow waves

5to10 years              £10.00

10 to14 years           £13.00

14to16 years            from        £15.00




Bride Consultation including pin up        £20-00

Bride       from        £25.00


Bridesmaid Consultation                         £15.00


Bridesmaid              from        £20.00


Small Bridesmaids from          £8.00


Pinups, Curls or Plaits           from        £15.00



Olaplex Hair Treatment is everything you need to repair and prevent hair damage. It works to restore overtreated, damaged hair and prevents any further damage from colouring or lightening of your hair.


Olaplex keeps hair strong and healthy throughout any procedure. Olaplex works miracles at the very molecular level of your hair by repairing and rebuilding any broken disulphide bonds from over colouring, perming, bleaching and straightening of the hair. This leaves you with the strongest, shiniest hair possible. This is the stylists top recommended treatment in Elite Hair Lounge.


“We love this product and I have seen wonderful results from it. It is like botox for hair!!!!!!!!!!”


The price I am offering for this treatment is £20.00 for the 1&2 treatment, the number 3 treatment can be taken home after the

1&2 treatment is      £22-50


The Olaplex number 1 treatment, for adding to colours is


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